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Our Dedication

The Shadow Group offers a plethora of exclusive physical security and investigative solutions worldwide. We are uniquely qualified to provide you with a security solution customized to meet your specific needs. Our team consists of both law enforcement and military trained personnel. We provide our clients with the greatest level of discreet security, protection and professionalism.  Our main concern is the safety & protection of our  clients / merchandise. No other personal security company can offer the level of professionalism, experience and exclusive services you’ll find with The Shadow Group Inc. 

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Experienced Protection Officers

Full range of personal and professional services designed to minimize our client’s threats, while maximizing freedom and mobility.

Shadow Group Deployment

Executive Protection agents can be deployed as individuals and/or teams and have many fronts including: Travel management; Logistical planning; Crisis management; and Emergency coordination.

Experience / Dedication

Protection agents are all experienced former serving members of law enforcement, military, government and specially trained individuals.

Our Mission

Our agents understand the requirement to be sensitive to the client’s needs and concerns, while at the same time have the foresight to plan for every possibility. Those qualities lead to minimizing the client’s exposure to risk.

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Our Bodyguards are ruthlessly trained, decades-of-experience professionals at the top of their game.

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