The Shadow Group offers international bodyguard services, close protection services, VIP protection and driving services services to any group, company, corporation or individual requiring enhanced protection. If a need arises for any reason foreign or domestic please contact us to discuss and seek our professional advice and assessment, without need to commit to a service request.

V.I.P. & Dignitary Security

We can complete a detailed assessment of locations and threats.

Private Investigations

Providing confidential and discreet services in a timely manner

International Personal Protection

Ability to provide protective services anywhere in the world

Fraud Assesment

You cannot afford to be losing money

Daily Driver & Driving Services

We will bring you service beyond what is expected

Computer Threat Assessment

Knowing who could come after you helps you prepare the appropriate defenses and response

Electronic Counter-Surveillance

We will employ a set of actions (countermeasures) that, when followed, reduce the risk of surveillance.

Precious Gems & Metals Courier

Shipping precious metals can be fraught with anxiety.  Let us escort them

Spousal & Family Escorts (Wife/Kids)

You’ll be at peace when your love ones are protected.

In Home Estate Protection

Traveling becomes an ease when you know your home is secured

Corporate Executive

We understand the nuances of working in a corporate environment.